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He gripped her hand tighter, rubbing his tumb over her skin; it was soothing to him and he liked being close to her like this. Newt was aware of what Delilah thought of herself, and rarely ever addressed it, out of fear that she wouldn’t want to talk about it; he wanted nothing more than to assure her that all her self-doubt was unfounded and that he loved every single part of her. “I just don’t want to make you put up with all of my problems. I  " He bit his lip. "I can be better, Delilah. I can work through this, I can make it better." He shut his eyes, his head shaking as if his words physically hurt to leave his lips. "I love you too. So, so much…" He squeezed her hand, careful not to hurt her, but enough to feel a pang of pain that made him snap out of it and open his eyes. "I don’t get why you see me like that, Dee. I love you for it   but I just don’t understand.” Newt lowered his gaze down to their hands, his fingers reaching for hers. “Do you regret bringing me with you?”

"Newt, listen to me. That’s what we do. We hold each other up when it get’s hard to move on by ourselves. Because we don’t have to be alone anymore. I don’t want to be alone anymore. Not when I have you." Shaking her head, Delilah smiled at him as she kept up with the soothing motions on his cheek. "You don’t have to change who you are, you get that, right? I love you like you are. I wouldn’t change a damn thing. But I’m here for you, you know that. Like I’ve always been." She reassured him. If he wanted any help, she was always going to be there for him, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Hearing him say he loved her made her smile widen, her heartbeat picking up speed. It always managed to do that to her, no matter how many times before he’d said it. "I see you like that because I love you." Delilah simply replied. "We were friends before we got to this point, and I saw everything good in you. Everything you refuse to acknowledge. But I see it very clearly." Their fingers tangled together as she heard his question, her eyes trying to connect with his. However, he wasn’t looking. With a small smile, she softly grabbed his chin and raised it, making him look at her. "I thank any God’s out there every single day for the opportunity of having you here, Newt."

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Skye nodded, she would hate to let her do all the work, she had trained for this for so long, passed every exam they had thrown at her, now was time to prove she was capable. Moving to a back door she turned to Delilah. “Operative James Winters. He’s about 6’1, dark hair, green eyes.” She looked to the door. “You’ll know who it is when he sees us. As far as I know, we take prisoners if we can, but our main priority is to get him out safe and alive.”

"I feel like I’m missing something here." Delilah admitted with a frown, her nose twisted as she attempted to perhaps understand what was on her mind. "It says here he’s really good at combat. Not only with weapons, but hand to hand." She quoted from the file. "So, how did he get taken?" She knew perfectly well that sometimes there simply was no way of getting out of trouble when it came knocking, but it seemed a bit hard.

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"I’m sorry, it’s just… It’s how I feel." He spoke honestly, his voice filled with sorrow. Newt hated saying that to her, to admit that he truly hated himself, but there was no use in pretending everything was fine. She had called him wonderful. He felt a knot forming in his throat and then took a deep breath, trying to let go of it. “You know you’re the only one to see me like that…” He was startled by her sudden movements, and even more by the prominent frown on her face. “Delilah… I’m sorry.” He reached for her hand, squeezing it reassuringly. He really didn’t mean to upset her. “I didn’t… I’m sorry.” That was all he could say. The last thing he wanted was to hurt her; and if that meant to refrain from all the self-loathing he always did, then he would do it, for her. As she smiled at last, a relieved sigh escaped his lips; he was almost surprised she kissed him so promptly after what had just happened. “Yeah, better not to bicker tonight.” He mumbled absentmindedly as he stroked her hair.

Sighing, she shook her head, his hand between both of hers. “I get that it’s how you feel. I don’t blame you for it. I feel the same about myself more than I care to admit.” She told him with a crooked smile. “And I want you to talk to me about it. I don’t want you to bottle it up. I’m here for a reason. I love you. And, even though I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to that    " Delilah began saying with a sheepish. "   , I know that it means you share things, no matter how bad they get or how good they are.” She finished with a squeeze of his hand. “I know it seems like you shouldn’t share it, but I want you to. Whenever you feel comfortable with it. I’m not going to force you to do anything.” She added with a shake of her head, her eyes cast down at their hands. Raising them again at him with a smile, she raised her hand to his cheek, her thumb tracing soothing patterns. “Just because you don’t see yourself the same way I do, doesn’t mean I’m not sure of the type of man you are. You’re kind, honest, brave and everything I could ever want. I need you to believe me when I say that.”



A soft smile showed up upon hearing her kind words. He never really understood why Delilah thought so highly of him    surely it would be because she didn’t know everything about him, about his darkest secrets, about the times he thought it would be better to give up. “Well, I don’t see myself like that.” Newt spoke honestly, knowing she deserved at least that. “But I’m glad one of us does.” He continued to run his fingers through her hair as he watched her, a faint smile present on his face. Her next words were surprising to him; it had never crossed his mind that she still thought about that. “I know that. But I couldn’t ask you to stay. You had your whole life here, and I… I didn’t have anything, Dee.” His gaze lowered, staring at his hands. “There was nothing left for me there. The Gladers didn’t have any need for me to be there. They’re better off.” He really did believe that; there was nothing more he could do for the Gladers    he was too tired and broken to keep trying, and if they were ever to get out of that place it’s because they didn’t have him around to slow them down. “I never regretted it, Delilah. Not once. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He pulled her closer once more, stroking her hair slowly, and couldn’t help a small smile when he heard her whisper. “Please. If there’s anyone who got lucky, it was me.”

"I hate to hear you think so low of yourself, Newt." Delilah whispered with a shake of her head, a soft smile on her lips. "But I’ll make you see yourself through my eyes, I don’t care how long it takes. You’re a wonderful man and you deserve to realise that." She stated, her voice strong and leaving no margin for doubt. She truly hated knowing that the man she loved saw himself under such a harsh light. What he said next, however, turned her soft smile into a frown. Raising her head, she was obviously upset by what he’d said. "Don’t say that!" His words felt almost like a slap to her face, making her cringe. "I saw you at the Glade! I saw how hard you worked, if not more than some of the others. So don’t you dare say that, Newt. You can’t say that about the guy I love." However, his next words made her completely melt against him, her insecurities nearly fully lifted from her shoulders. They would never be fully gone, she assumed, but at least for now she felt good about it. Her smile reappeared just before she gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I’m really glad to hear that, because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me." And Delilah meant every word of it, because in all honesty, she couldn’t remember a time she’d been happier. "Let’s just agree we’re both lucky, otherwise I see a bickering match on the horizon." She teased as she laid her cheek on his shoulder.

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"Steve, what the hell? At least buy me some dinner first.”

"Somehow, I’m not surprised you feel that way. Really, though, I should’ve seen that comment coming from a mile off."


"You really should’ve. I’m very predictable in my nature. I’m disappointed, Steve."

Title: I Will Wait
Artist: Mumford & Sons
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13. i will wait - mumford & sons

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"Good that." He agreed, making use of the expression he had picked up in the Glade; he still did that from time to time. "Well, you didn’t look that scary, you know? I mean, sure, you could time travel and heal yourself, but once we got past that, you seemed pretty harmless." In any other situation, he would’ve said this as a joke, but this time he really did mean it; he hadn’t been afraid of Delilah as much as he was intrigued by her. "The things I did know back in the Glade weren’t that great, Dee." Her nickname escaped his lips, as he began to absent-mindedly run his fingers through her hair. "And I wanted to see your world. You could never be happy in the Glade, but I really did think I could be happy here    and I am.” He looked down at her face and smiled widely. “And I’m anything but brave; but I’ll let you have it this time.” Newt kissed her forehead, a grin appearing on his face seconds later. “Well, the view’s pretty great from here too.”

She nearly laughed when he said she didn’t look scary. “See? That’s what I mean. Anyone else would’ve probably either beaten me up because of fear of the unknown or run away. You didn’t. You tried to understand what was going on, even if that meant that this person in front of you could be potentially harmful.” Delilah explained with a shake of her head. “You are brave.” Closing her eyes at the soothing sensation of him playing with her hair, she sighed before attempting to get the courage to tell him what kept plaguing her mind. What he said made her relax slightly with the topic, but she needed to speak her mind. “You had your friends back at the Glade, Newt. They were like your family.” Brows furrowed, she looked up at him. “I would’ve been happy at the Glade as long as I had you.” Would she have missed everyone here? Sure, but she had no one besides a couple of friends. Those people at the Glade were his family. She hated the thought that he didn’t think she would be happy anywhere. She just needed him, after all. Swallowing thickly, Delilah finally spoke what had been plaguing her mind. “I’m   I’m just scared that you’ll end up regretting coming here with me, y’know.” When he kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes on instinct, taking a deep breath as she enjoyed the entire evening. She’d never been happier, after all. “How did I get so lucky?” She whispered.


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